Did You know...

...if we could get all tobacco smokers

to switch to e-cigarettes,

....we would reduce the U.S. death toll

From 400,000 per year

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....to 4,000 per year.

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Yet there are some NYS elected officials

that want to regulate electronic cigarettes

the same way they regulate tobacco!

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But here's the thing:

there is NO tobacco in E-cigs!

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Help us help New York State realize

the benefits of E-Cigs:

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- Encourages economic growth

- Safer alternative to smoking

- Improves the health of tobacco smokers

How can something that controls tobacco use,

be controlled as tobacco itself?

Electronic Cigarettes ≠ Tobacco

New York E-Cigarette Users:

Take part in our letter-writing campaign !

New York State is well on its way to voting on a bill to ban electronic cigarette use in all New York State locations where tobacco use is also banned. New York City just passed a similar law, we cannot let it happen to the entire state – it is just not acceptable. We must remind our state elected officials that electron cigarettes are completely distinct from tobacco cigarettes; therefore, they should be regulated differently and reasonably. They are inherently different products and any proposed ban, or even additional taxation, would be incredibly premature.  TAKE ACTION NOW!

Electronic CigaretteNew Yorkers for Smarter Smoking Alternatives is a coalition comprised of local retailers, wholesalers and distributors, and members of the public who have come together to actively oppose the recent attempts by the City and State government to restrict access to electronic cigarettes and smarter smoking alternatives.

Some of the bills that are sitting in the New York State legislature include a bill that would essentially ban the use of electronic cigarettes in indoor locations such as bars and restaurants. The members of this coalition recognize that electronic cigarettes have helped countless people better control – and even eliminate – their smoking habit, play a significant and crucial role in supporting the New York State economy, and provide a smoking alternative that has touched the lives of thousands while other smoking cessation products have fallen short.

E CIG 2 400 e flat“Certain people in the New York State legislature have been attacking smoking rights for over a decade, pushing people to quit. However, just as New Yorkers find a safer alternative, the New York State legislature decided to wound public freedom even further,” says NYSSA Spokesman David Schwartz. “This new coalition has formed to tell New York State that the ‘Nanny State’ has overstepped yet another right that we will strive to protect.”


We’re Armed with Facts

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There’s Power in Numbers

…So get involved today!

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Capital New York: Ban on E-cigarettes takes effect today

April 30, 2014
From Capital New York: ew Yorkers are no longer allowed to…
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CNN - FDA Proposes Crackdown on E-Cigarettes

April 30, 2014
The Food and Drug Administration is making another attempt at regulating electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products.
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NY Senator Kemp Hannon Picks his Poison and Small Businesses Loses

April 8, 2014
NY Senator Kemp Hannon has taken it upon himself to make an all-out attack on electronic cigarettes. Not only has he partnered with Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal in banning the use of electronic cigarettes indoors, he has now made it a point to ban liquid nicotine as well.
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New York Lawmaker seeks ban on e-cigarette liquids

April 8, 2014
A state senator is calling for a ban on so-called e-liquids, the potent and often flavored liquids that are sold as refills for e-cigarettes.
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HuffPo: Liquid Death From E-Cigarettes? You've Got a Long Way to Go, Baby

April 8, 2014
If, as predicted, e-cigarettes result in double the number of liquid nicotine exposures this year, they are still a very long way even from making it into the top 25.

5 Substances in your home more harmful than E-Cigarettes

April 8, 2014
Recently, there have been several news agencies reporting on the harmfulness of e-liquid, the nicotine laced liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes. In relation to the total number of calls that were recorded in the report this data concludes that not even 1% (.01%) of the total calls recorded were electronic cigarette related.
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