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NYC E-Cig Users – Last Chance to Speak Up!

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is proposing to amend Chapter 10 of Title 24 of the Rules of the City of New York to: (1) reflect amendments to the Smoke-Free Air Act made by Local Law 152 of 2013 prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in certain places; (2) facilitate enforcement of the Smoke-Free Air Act; and (3) repeal provisions that are out of date.

Capital New York: Ban on E-cigarettes takes effect today

From Capital New York: ew Yorkers are no longer allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in any place where smoking regular cigarettes is prohibited, including bars, restaurants, offices, parks and beaches. The amendment to the Smoke-Free Air Act, a 2002 law, takes effect today and means that electronic cigarettes are now treated the same as regular […]

5 Substances in your home more harmful than E-Cigarettes

Recently, there have been several news agencies reporting on the harmfulness of e-liquid, the nicotine laced liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes. In relation to the total number of calls that were recorded in the report this data concludes that not even 1% (.01%) of the total calls recorded were electronic cigarette related.

Time: Regulating E-Cigarettes Could Have Unintended Consequences

Regulations of electronic cigarettes are expected to be a top priority for states and cities in 2014. But some of the new laws being considered — bans on use in public places like restaurants and bars, and high sin taxes — are based on the assumption that electronic cigarettes, battery powered devices that produce a nicotine vapor, are exactly like the real thing.