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NYS E-Cig Users: Take Action Now!


New York State is well on its way to voting on a bill to ban electronic cigarette use in all New York State locations where tobacco use is also banned. New York City just passed a similar law, we cannot let it happen to the entire state – it is just not acceptable. We must remind our state elected officials that electron cigarettes are completely distinct from tobacco cigarettes; therefore, they should be regulated differently and reasonably. They are inherently different products and any proposed ban, or even additional taxation, would be incredibly premature.

We urge you to reach out to your local State Senator and Assembly Member to express your outrage to these bills that would severely restrict electronic cigarette access and usage. The Food and Drug Administration has already started to voice their findings, so we must urge New York State to wait before they arbitrarily pass legislation that may end up being contrary to the FDA’s findings.

We ask that you send the following letter to your local State Senator and Assembly Member:


NYS Letter in Opposition to AB8178/SB6562

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